Fully-Fledged Organic Perspective

From preparation, normalization and clustering to advanced analytics, pipeline automation or process scheduling, Datance covers all your data management needs.

The Sequencer

Datance is delivered with the Sequencer: a very powerful tool that allows you to plan, create and automate analytics processes simply by connecting dots and nodes to each other. A simple drag and drop is all it takes to make a huge impact in your dataflow.

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The Dashboard Builder

What if your dashboard could mean more than just visualization? What if you were capable of taking action on your data right from there? That is how we want to change the way you see your dashboard. It is not just a monitoring tool, it is a fully customizable control center.

Native Connectors

Datance is shipped with connectors for the most popular data formats and cloud data platforms to seamlessly take actions on your data, independent of their source and formats. You don't see the connector you need? No worries. Just formulate a connector request on Marketplace page and our team will get in touch with you to plan development and integration to your solution.

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Report Generation

Discovering and analyzing data is great. But it has no purpose if you are not able to communicate clearly your findings. Datance provides smart report generation for all type of users, from the most technical to the most business-focused ones.

Automation and Scheduling

Datance saves you from repetitive daily tasks hassle by delivering tools for process automation and scheduling. That you want to set daily reports generation or automated analytics processes, this tool will support you in your management and analytics duties.

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